China All-media Report


2015 China Overview All Media Research provides data outlining the country's and regional current and historical daily usage of different media. Besides, in this part, the trends of different media ads cost have been summarized with data, including ads budgets allocation to different media forms.


  • Influenced by China’s overall economic, domestic media advertising industry experienced inflection point in 2014 and started to go downward. The increase rate of publish price was lower than that of GDP. In recent years, the total expense of media’s domestic advertisement has kept rising with a yearly 10% growth rate.
  • Mass media now is experiencing an aging trend. TV media has highest contact rate. However TV’s quota of using is reduced and its quota of advertisement keeps shrinking. Contrarily, digital Internet media market is steadily rising, in which mobile digital media segment market has ascended significantly. Print media market start to shrink. Broadcast media now is experiencing alternating iteration in terms of using habits.
  • Regarding to the brands and advertisers, the proportion of digital marketing and terminal promotion costs has kept rising in corporate marketing, while the budgets of hard-sell ads are cut tremendously. TV still has the most advertising budgets, and the digital media take the second place in advertising budgets. It can be expected that in the future, brands will be promoted in a cross-media way with various media channels combined as an integral portfolio.


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